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If you've been "thinking" about getting a website design for yourself or your busines STOP THINKING about it and DO IT TODAY IN JUST $99.

If you are a businessmen, having a presence on the internet is not only a neat idea but THEM TURN IT INTO REALITY. Having a quality presence on the internet, however, can be an expensive proposition.

Typical Web Design and SEO Marketing companies charge by the hour at up to $100 an hour; by the page at up to $200 per page; by the job at up to $10 – $20k and more; by the month at $500 to $5000 a month and more.

Hey. It’s YOUR business!  What you put into it is up to you. One thing’s for sure. It all starts with a web site.

Why So Cheap?

WE ARE on a mission to help all Small Businesses as early as possible in this year only  -   and start enjoying the exposure the internet can bring.

Let’s get your site done…TODAY! 

If you’re not local, no worries.  call us ,mail us or chat with our team ...

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It’s a TEAM EFFORT in getting your site up and running! Make sure you understand that your help will be needed. Please follow the outline below before ordering our Packages ,your dream to come true .

                         COME LETS START NOW ..

1.Some ideas for Domain Name (We can help you with this at no charge).

2.Clear idea of website message(What is the website about? Mission statement).

3.You supply the content(Logo, pictures, contact info, links, any copy you have for the site).

4.Up to 5 keyword phrases that people might type into a search engine to find you.

To help streamline things,
we have created a content information form for getting the most accurate web content information from you for your site. Please use it as a guideline when gathering your web site information.

If you If you need a consultation,
please mail us at :

Now, Forget to say
“it’s too expensive” and get on the internet TODAY .
5+1 page in just $99.. ITS A WOW

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